The volunteer platform iVolunteer

Cph Volunteers uses the platform iVolunteer when we match volunteers with events and tasks. It is flexibel and easy to use.
CMC, Maria Sattrup

Our tool for recruiting

When you collaborate with Cph Volunteers iVolunteer will be your primary tool for rectruiting volunteers. iVolunteer is a digital platform that matches volunteers with events and tasks. Recently, it has become possible for everyone to access and use the platform at various levels. 

iVolunteer makes it easy to volunteer when you feel like it. This makes volunteering fun and flexible for the volunteer and it benefits cultural events and volunteer groups. Volunteers get an easy overview of the offers that are relevant to them. At the same time, event organizers can effectively recruit and communicate with volunteers.

An important part of our collaboration

You should see iVolunteer as a tool for recruiting that you will use in the collaoration with Cph Volunteers. If you as an event organiser has got you own system, you should have this in mind.

At the same time it is also important that you contact us, if you want to use iVolunteer for recruiting. When you contact us it is easier for us and for yourself to know what the next next in the recruitment process will be. This will also make help us helping you.