Get started with iVolunteer

An important tool in the recruiting process is the platform iVolunteer. Get to know how you use it as an organiser.
CMC, Pierre Mangez

iVolunteer makes it easy to volunteer when you feel like it. This makes volunteering fun and flexible for the volunteer and it benefits cultural events and volunteer groups. Volunteers get an easy overview of the offers that are relevant to them. At the same time, event organizers can effectively recruit and communicate with volunteers.

Key features of iVolunteer include:

  • Online registration for volunteer assignments
  • Calendar view of current volunteer events
  • Rosters both online and in Excel format
  • Newsletter module for easy communication
  • Evaluation module that rates events on a number of parameters
  • Loyalty program for volunteers with gold-silver-bronze badges
  • Automatic emailing system
  • Responsive design, adapted to your own visual design
  • XML feed for website
  • Danish and English version

Below you can find our Danish guides for iVolunteer. Here you can get to know more about the system and how to recruit volunteers the best way possible.

Good advice for when you work in iVolunteer

  • Fill out all the fields that are marked with a green *
  • Press "Save" frequently while editing and before you leave a page or a field
  • Remove the formatting of the text if it doesn't look right. Either by marking the text and pressing the button in th editing box, or by copying the text into the programme Notepad.


I can't see the control panel

You have been given new rights as an organizer (organizer basis or premium).This means that your profile must be updated, and you have to log out and in to get the features.

I can't find my event under "Opgaver" or "Vagtplan"?

When you are going to set up tasks and see the work schedule, you have to search for your event in the search field. The search field has a small arrow that makes it look like a drop down menu which it isn't. Instead you can search for your event in this field by typing the title of the event.

If you prevouisly have set up events in iVolunteer, then remember to find the event with the right date and year.

I can't find my event in the event list

Your event is probably set up correctly. If you have copied an event to make a new event it is maybe marked as "Archived" and is not showing in the list of current events.

Contact the office as we can help you change this setting. 

Kontakt kontoret som kan ændre indstillingen for dig. 

I have edited my post (event or tasks) and now I can't see the changes

If you have edited an already saved event or task, the changes are mades as a draft. In the top right cornor of the editing page there is a button where you can change between showing the accepted post and the draft. New content must always be approved on that button before it will be published.

Note, that if you change essential things in a post that is already published, you must always coordinate it with the Cph Volunteers office.