How we collaborate

If you think about collaborating with us, please read what it takes to recruit your volunteers with us.

Cph Volunteers' primary job is to help event organizers recruit volunteers among our many members and to ensure a successful collaboration with the volunteers.

Apart from recruitment we also offer license to iVolunteer – and online tool we use for coordinating volunteers as a part of our collaboration with the organizers. 

We help a variety of different events because it offers our volunteer members a bunch of great experiences and supports an energetic and eventful cultural life in the city.

We ask potential event organizers to contact us a while before the event starts.

  • Please contact us about 8-9 weeks before the events start, to make sure we have enough time to recruitment
  • Events that needs a lot of volunteers (100+) should contact us about 3 months prior to the event and preferably before

Please read what kind of events we can collaborate with. You can read our guide for new collaborators here!

We experienced the general office as professional and competent, and they replied to our questions quickly.
Københavnerfesten / Captum

Visual overview of the collaboration proces (Danish)

See our video about what the theater festical ASSITEJ thought of the collaboration (in Danish)

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