Guide to iVolunteer

In Cph Volunteers we use iVolunteer for creating and signing up for volunteer shifts. On this page you will find a guide for iVolunteer.

Quick guide for iVolunteer

Find an event

All events will show in the menu 'Calendar'. If you find an empty page, remember to check the box 'Show all events' at the top. 

Sign up for a task

The calendar will show events that you can sign up for with just one click. Your task will be confirmed via email. The color codes will help you: Green events are open for sign up, yellow means the event is almost filled up or that you can sign up for the waiting list. Red means sign up is already closed. Grey events are not yet open. Each event will always state a date for opening for signups. 

Find your own tasks

When you go to the menu 'My tasks' you can see which tasks you are signed up for at the time and which tasks you have had in the past. If you are a member of Cph Volunteers you can find your certificate of participation, that lists the different events that you have been a volunteer at, in the section 'Previous tasks'.

Edit or delete your profile

If you want to change your profile picture click on your name, choose 'Profile' and 'Generally' and you can upload a picture. You can also update other personal information here. At the profile section you can delete your profile, but remember that this is not reversible.

Join a group

Groups are communities with a shared interest or part of an existing organisation. If they are open for new members, you can apply for membership at the menu 'Groups'. 

Frequently asked questions

I don't recieve the newletter?

You can edit your subscribtion in your profile. Click on the profile picture when you are logged in and choose the tab 'Profile'. Here you go to 'General' where you can choose to recieve the newsletter.

I can't change my password?

We are still trying to solve the problem with changing your password. When you try to change the password we advice you to use a computer and the Chrome browser. If it still doesn't work you should contact the Cph Volunteers office on


The sign up doesn't work on my iPad?

The system works best in the Chrome browser which you can download here.

You can use a tablet, iPad or smartphone as long as you remember to use the Chrome browser.

Data processing at iVolunteer

Cph Volunteers intermediearies between event organisers and volunteers. As a volunteer you register with your contact details, and we only give these to the events, you sign up for. The event organiser may use your contact details before and during the event and may share them with team leaders and volunteer coordinators. But they may not save your data afterwards. 

Your volunteer history - a list of your previous volunteer tasks - will be saved in the system. Only you and the Cph Volunteers office team can access this history. If you delete your Cph Volunteers profile it will be deleted completely in the system. 

When you create a profile at iVolunteer, you give consent for the event planners to use your data before and during the event, and that Cph Volunteers have access to your data as long as you have an active profile at iVolunteer.

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