How do I volunteer

As a volunteer in Cph Volunteers you can help at exciting events in and around Copenhagen. Read more about how to get started volunteering.

Cph Volunteers matches volunteers with events like concerts, festivals, creative workshops, exhibitions, races, sport tournaments and much more. Events can be small and intimate or large scale and professional. Every year volunteers can choose from 50-100 different events. 

At Cph Volunteers you can volunteer at your leisure. You simply choose the volunteer tasks that you find interesting and sign up online. You decide how often you want to help. Most often tasks require no preparation or prerequisites, like manning a bar, checking tickets or practical work before the event. 

Danish is not mandatory and you can usually find a range of tasks where only English language is needed. All volunteer tasks are thoroughly described and it will always state if Danish language skills are necessary. All written communication from Cph Volunteers is bilingual - both in Danish and English.

Volunteering in Cph Volunteers means becoming a part of a large community with around 2000 other Copenhageners in all ages and backgrounds - who all love to be a part of the exiting event life of Copenhagen.

As a volunteer you can:

  • Sign up for tasks at events at your own leisure
  • Meet new people from Copenhagen and the rest of the World
  • Get a glimpse of the backstage of Copenhagen's events
  • Join occasional courses and social gettogethers

Cph Volunteers have one or two yearly information meetings where you can learn more about volunteering with us.

However, you do not need to attend a meeting to join. You are welcome to create a profile and sign up for your first  task already now. 


I'm a volunteer because I get to meet people from all over the world, and then you can also be a part of a lot of exciting events.
Cph Volunteers

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